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About Quay Audit UK Limited (QAU)

Quay Audit UK Ltd has been based in the market town of Shrewsbury since 1995. From our Head Office we co-ordinate the activities of our regionally-based auditors, both within the UK and internationally.

QAU is the one of largest Certification bodies based in United Kingdom accredited by ASCB for services relating to management certification. QAU has a global network through UK, UAE, Tehran, Pakistan and India while establishing a prestigious reputation in the aspects of worldwide recognition and cost efficiency.

About Quay Audit And Certification (UAE) - QAC

QAC is a Certification & Training body having Accreditation from ASCB. QAC is based in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) UAE. QAC is committed to tailor and reengineer your system as per your requirements and compliances. QAC's policy is based on a straight forward approach focusing on continuous improvement and good Quality Management practices.

QAC is committed to customer satisfaction and will work hard to achieve the management efficiency and competiveness of your organization. QAC is a leader in the quality of the services provided only because we focus on team building, motivation, and an innovative and creative improvement approach.

Our expertise and friendliness put management and staff immediately at ease, allowing us to get right to the point of accomplishing your goals in the most expedient and cost effective manner.

QAC understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its management system certification activities.

Note: Quay Audit & Certification (UAE) is operating in UAE with its local registered name "ALPINE CERTIFICATION & MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY FZE".