Impartiality & Conformity

Quay Audit And Certification (UAE) is closely governed by the requirements of ISO 17021 and by the additional requirements of our external assessors; ASCB.

ASCB list 16 points that must be complied with in their Guide 28 "Principles of Impartiality" and we are pleased to comply with all of their requirements to ensure that our service is uniformly applied without any hint of vested interest.

We regularly conduct an internal impartiality review of our own systems to ensure that our Auditors and our Review Panel remain divorced from any consultancy links to our clients and – further – invite our clients to contact ASCB directly if they would like to know more.

Impartial Certification can only be claimed to be offered by organisations compliant with ISO 17021 and whose management systems are assessed and verified as compliant by an external examiner. ISO 17021 prohibits the provision of consultancy with audit leading to certification (usually described as "one stop" or as "certification within 30 days") and we urge any purchaser to ensure that they understand this aspect.